Technical SEO Service

Technical SEO refers to website and server enhancements that make it easier for search engine spiders to crawl and index your site. It’s a major part of SEO. Because an insecure website, a lazy website, or a poorly coded website will be difficult for establishing a good reputation with search engines and visitors.

So you must focus on the technical SEO the first time lest other things will not work properly. Do not waste your time on other things, before you start Technical SEO.

I will help you with all Technical SEO services. Let’s see what I can do for you.

  1. Fix Indexing Issue
  2. Crawling Error
  3. Setting the primary website address
  4. Google Search Console & Analytics Setup
  5. Sitemap Submission
  6. Checking Robot.txt 
  7. Fixing page errors
  8. Multilingual Setting- Hreflang and Alternate (Applicable for multi-regional website)
  9. Canonical Tags
  10. Checking wrong Redirection and fix them
  11. Move HTTP to HTTPs
  12. Showing the site in Frames
  13. SSL setup
  14. Deleting Dead weight page 
  15. Mobile Friendly Issue
  16. User Friendly website
  17. Schema Markup
  18. Fixing Broken Link

Is the technical on-page SEO functionality of your website impeding your organic search performance? Allow our technical SEO company to perform the effort for you. Abdur Rahim can handle your SEO technical assessment and optimization, allowing you to maximize your growth potential.