The 2023 Ultimate Guide For Digital Marketing Specialist Salary

Digital Marketing Specialist Salary Guide
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You might be curious to know how much a digital marketing specialist salary could be or how much they charge per hour.

A career in digital marketing is highly lucrative. It is quickly becoming a fashionable profession.

If you are creative and know how to generate a good amount of leads, you can make a good living from digital marketing.

The exact salaries of digital marketing specialists are difficult to predict because they are dependent on their expertise, work functions, and location.

So we need to know the person’s experience, location, current market rate, company values, skills, and responsibilities.

Even so, the fact that I examined every job board and discovered that the average salary for a digital marketing specialist is $88,397 per year.

Global Digital Marketing Specialist Average Salary

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Digital Marketing Specialist Salary Trends 2023:

Digital marketing is an evergreen industry expected to grow at a CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 13.9% over the next five years.

This industry has witnessed a drastic change in the past few years. Because nowadays online business is massively growing and the number of internet users who operate a business is.

Even small businesses rely entirely on the internet to reach out to more people and increase sales.

As a result, a digital marketing expert is badly in demand. Consequently, the business owner has considerably increased pay for digital marketers.

But the question is how much salary they can get?

As the exact salary is determined by a variety of factors. So, we should know the factors that affect the salary of a digital marketing specialist.

What factors affect digital marketing salaries?

      • Location

      • Experience

      • Education:

      • Different job titles and responsibilities
      • Industry


    Location: Location is a major factor that affects salary. Because an upper-income country typically pays more than a poor and a middle-income country  For example, the US has a higher salary than India even though India has a high demand for digital marketing professionals.

    Experience: Another important factor influencing salary is experience. In every industry, experience is more valuable than gold. It is the intangible quality that enables you to be successful in any field or to gain high credibility in order to obtain a high-paying job.

    A digital marketing specialist with no experience can expect a yearly salary of $33,442 or around that amount. A digital marketing specialist with 10 years of experience, on the other hand, can expect to earn $140,460 or more per year.

    Education: Education is not so important, but it does have an impact to some extent. A person with a master’s or doctorate in marketing can earn more than someone with a master’s or doctorate in another field.

    Another point to consider is that a person with a master’s degree typically earns more than a person with a  bachelor’s degree.

    In that case, we can’t discuss what the average salary is, because it is entirely dependent on the company’s expectations.

    Different job titles and responsibilities: Depending on the company, digital marketing specialists may have a variety of job titles.

    As we all know, digital marketing is a vast field with numerous sub-fields and job titles. As a result, different job titles have different responsibilities, and they also expect different salaries.

    With the same experience, company, degree, and location, an SEM Manager can earn $72,407 on average but a Social Media Coordinator can earn $46,809 per year on average.

    So knowing the job title is preferable in order to get an accurate idea of the salary you can expect.

    Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll go over all of the factors in great detail so you can see the salary structure in full.

    Industry: The final factor influencing salary is the industry in which you work. There are numerous industries, some more valuable than others.

    According to Greyjournal, Finance is the highest-paying industry in the world in terms of socioeconomic status, and their employees are paid more than those in other industries. So the industry has an impact on salary, but not significantly.

    Let us now conduct a thorough investigation of the major factors.

    Digital Marketing Specialist Salary Based on Location

    The average amount for a digital marketing specialist salary in the United States is:

      • As you can see, the pay varies notably between job boards. Every job board has its own supply and demand. So, I listed salaries from three different job boards to make the comparison easier to understand.

      Let’s see what the differences will be in other countries.

      Note: You may notice minor differences between the amounts listed on this page and the original Job board page. Each job board’s salary is constantly updated. I’ll update this page as soon as I can. You can also find the most recent digital marketing specialist salary by visiting the original page I’ve linked.

      Digital Marketing Specialist Salary In The United Kingdom (UK):

      Digital Marketing Specialist Salary in United Kingdom according to Talent

      Digital Marketing jobs were becoming more and more popular, as the demand for skilled digital marketing professionals was increasing and their salaries too.

      The average salary of a digital marketing salary is around £33,000 according to Talent ~ a job board in the UK.

      Let’s see the wages on different job boards and compare the salaries:

        Digital Marketing Specialist salary in Australia (AU)

        Digital Marketing Specialist Salary in Australia according to Talent

        Digital Marketing Specialist Salary in Australia is higher than in many countries because of the high demand and challenging market.

        The average salary of a Digital Marketing is $83,750 per year in Australia. (According to Talent)

        Let’s see salaries on other job boards:

          Digital Marketing Specialist Salary In Canada: (CA)

          Digital Marketing Specialist Salary in Canada according to Talent

          Digital Marketing is an outstanding career choice because its salary is brighter than other professions. In the future, a business will be inanimate without digital marketing. 

          According to a KPMG survey, Canadian businessmen struggle to find people with digital skills. 

          The average digital marketing specialist salary in Canada is $56,775 per year. (According to Talent) 

          Let’s see the differences between a few popular job boards.

            Digital Marketing Specialist Salary In India

            Digital Marketing Specialist Salary in India according to Talent

            The number of businesses in India is rapidly increasing and so are the opportunities.

            So, a digital marketing expert is the need of the hour for business growth.

            India is one of the most avid internet users. It has long overtaken the United Kingdom and the United States in terms of internet absorption among its citizens.

            Digital marketing, despite being a relatively new job opportunity for marketers, cannot be ignored any longer. 

            Businesses and brands have recognized this for some time and have expanded their operations digitally to capitalize on the benefits of digital marketing.

            So, The average digital marketing specialist salary in India is ₹434,667 per annum. (According to talent)

            Let’s explore the differences between the other Job boards.

              Digital Marketing Specialist Salary In Remote

              Digital Marketing Specialist Salary in Remote

              94% of people prefer remote jobs to physical jobs. During covid 19 lockdown, remote work has become popular. It completely alters how we work in the world and our habits. As a result, many people now consider remote work to be a dream job.

              According to ZipRecruiter, the average digital marketing specialist salary in Remote is $68,420 per year. The starting salary is $25,000 and can go up to $124,000 per year.

              We looked into average salaries in various countries and discovered that they vary greatly.

              However, salary disparities between countries are not the only factors to consider; job responsibility and years of experience also play a character.

              So, let’s look at the salary of specific job roles and years of experience.

              Salary Of A Digital Marketing specialist Based On Years Of Experience

              For any position in the workforce, experience is the gold standard. Experience tells you what you know and what you can do better in any profession, and it is a sign of credibility to work with the person you are working with. As a result, the salary varies significantly depending on the number of years of experience.

              According to Comparably, a digital marketing specialist in the United States can earn between $33,530 and $120,460 per year based on years of experience.

              Digital Marketing Specialist Entry-Level Salary

              As an early bird in the company, a digital marketing specialist’s salary begins from  $33,442 per year and $15.59 per hour in the United States. ( CareerExplorer

              With experience and improvement, the compensation rises steadily. After roughly three years, you’ll receive the new scale.

              Digital Marketing Specialist Junior-Level Salary

              After three years, a digital marketing specialist gains a decent amount of experience. So their salary in the United States begins at $34,318 per year and $16.50 per hour.

              Digital Marketing Specialist Mid-Level Salary

              In the mid-career of digital marketing, you can expect a lucrative salary from any company. A digital marketing specialist typically earns a salary of $39,281 per year and $18.88 per hour. 

              The salary may go up to $75,000 per annum and $37.04 per hour counting bonuses and other benefits and it usually depends on the company you work for. 

              Digital Marketing Specialist Senior-Level Salary

              A digital marketing specialist with six to ten years of experience can expect a senior-level salary in the United States ranging from $49,381 per year and $23.74 per hour to $82,000 per year and $39.00 per hour depending on the company and performance.

              Digital Marketing Specialist Top-Level Salary

              It is the highest level of gaining experience and earning a salary in the field of digital marketing. A digital marketing specialist with ten years or more of experience can expect a high salary of $119,000.

              Salary ranges from $66,814 per year and $32.12 per hour to $120,460 per year and $41.00 per hour (Comparably).

              Digital Marketing Specialist Salary Based On Job Titles And Responsibilities

              Digital marketing is a broad term that covers all of the marketing activities that are conducted through the use of digital media. 

              Digital marketing includes everything from online advertising and search engine optimization to email marketing and social media marketing. 

              In the case of growing business, we need to pay attention to all sectors of digital marketing. Because all digital marketing activities are interconnected and interdependent.

              For example, getting organic traffic on the website is one of the most important aspects of SEO, but in the early stages, we must prioritize getting traffic from social media to ensure that SEO works properly.

              As a result, each sector of digital marketing is critical, and job titles have become more specialized in order to ensure proper care of each sector.

              Because a single person cannot handle all of the digital marketing activities.

              That’s why different job titles and salaries have appeared.

              I can’t yet disclose the actual salary because it also depends on experience. I’ll give a general sense of the average wage.

              The following are the job titles that are currently in demand in the digital marketing industry: salaries are obtained from Indeed and are based on a location in the United States.

              Note: You may notice a slight difference in salaries between my list and other job boards; this is due to job board demand, company demand, and experience. So don’t blame me for noticing the disparity in pay on other job boards.

              Different Digital Marketing Job Titles and Their Salaries

              Job Title Salary (Per Year)
              Social Media Specialist $57,331
              Social Media Manager: $60,092
              Social Media Coordinator $46,809
              Marketing Manager $63,308
              Marketing Specialist $49,816
              Director of Marketing $70,965
              Content Writer $64,869
              Content Marketer $57,403
              Content Marketing Manager $74,235
              Content Strategist $69,503
              SEO Specialist $56,160
              SEO Manager: $67,599
              SEO Executive $53,403
              SEM Manager $72,407
              PPC Specialist $56,907

              Responsibility of Each Job Title:

              We know, digital marketing is a vast industry with numerous sub-fields. In that case, there are various job titles such as SEO specialist, SEM specialist, marketing manager, Social Media Manager, and so on. That is why different responsibilities and salaries are introduced.

              Let’s go over everything in detail.

              Social Media Specialist Salary And Responsibility

              A Social Media Specialist is in charge of creating and publishing content across all social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin in order to grow an audience, raise brand awareness, and ultimately increase sales.

              According to data from the United States, a Social Media Specialist can earn between $22,010 and $110,010 per year. However, the average annual salary is $57,331.

              Social Media Manager Salary And Responsibility

              A Social Media Manager is in charge of managing the social media presence of a business or organization, creating and maintaining a social media strategy, managing social media teams, setting social media budgets, etc.

              Managers play important roles in the business world. As a result, they can earn more than other jobs in the same industry.

              Social Media Manager salaries in the United States range from $33,511 to $175,000, with a median salary of $60,092.

              Social Media Coordinator Salary And Responsibility

               A Social Media Coordinator is responsible for working with other marketing and sales professionals to create successful social media campaigns.

              Social Media Coordinator salaries in the United States range from $18,700 to $120,460, with a median salary of $46,809.

              Marketing Manager Salary And Responsibility

              A Marketing Manager is responsible for managing the marketing and advertising team to develop, execute and measure marketing strategies.

              It is the most important role in the Digital Marketing industry, with the highest salary. Depending on the company size and experience, manager salaries are higher.

              The salary for a Marketing Manager in the United States ranges from $43,200 to $260,000, with a median salary of $63,308.

              Marketing Specialist salary and responsibility

               A marketing specialist is in charge of researching the market situation, competitors, and marketing campaigns, as well as developing sales strategies.

              In addition, the marketing specialist will be responsible for collaborating with other marketing teams and departments to develop and implement the marketing plan.

              A marketing specialist is a lower-ranking role than a manager. That’s why they earn typically a little less than a manager. The salary range for a marketing specialist is $39,500 to $133,00 with an average $49,816 salary.

              Director of Marketing Salary And Responsibility

              A marketing director keeps track of all the marketing tasks and schedules, organize and implements all marketing activities, analyzes marketing reports and makes marketing plans.

              The average salary of a marketing director is $70,965 per annum in the United States.

              Content Writer Salary And Responsibility

              A content writer writes articles, copy, and marketing materials for a business.

              A content writer’s average salary is $64,869 per annum in the United States.

              Content Marketer Salary And Responsibility

              A content marketer is responsible for promoting content through social media, email marketing, and other digital channels.

              The average salary of a content marketer is $57,403.

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              Content Marketing Manager Salary and Responsibility

              A content marketing manager is charged with the overall management of content marketing for a company. They manage the company’s content strategy and drive the content production process, collaborating with content writers and marketers.

              A content marketing manager earns $74,235 on average per annum in the United States.

              Content Strategist Salary And Responsibilities

              A content strategist is dedicated to creating and maintaining the overall content strategy. They make sure that the company is producing content that is in line with their overall business objectives and that the content is being utilized properly across all channels.

              The average salary of a content strategist is $69,503.

              SEO Specialist Salary And Responsibilities

              An SEO specialist is responsible for all aspects of search engine optimization and achieving top search engine ranking for the company. Their main goal is to ensure the first position of the website on search engine results.

              The average salary of an SEO specialist is $56,160 per year.

              SEO Manager Salary And Responsibilities

              An SEO manager is responsible for the overall SEO strategy and implementation for a company. They manage content strategy, keyword strategy, web analytics, link building, and more. Basically, they manage the overall SEO process with a collaboration SEO specialist and the marketing team.

              An SEO manager gets a salary of $67,599 on average.

              SEO Executive Salary And Responsibilities

              An SEO executive is responsible for helping the SEO team with their daily tasks such as analysis of customer data, tracking and analyzing on-page and off-page SEO implementation, creating reports, and presenting results.

              An SEO executive gets an average salary of $53,403 per year in the US.

              SEM Manager Salary And Responsibilities

              SEM managers are responsible for creating a paid marketing strategy and promoting the business using search engine marketing such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.

              They set up the ad budget and decide the ad cost. Their main work is to increase the Return On Investment (ROI) with proper paid marketing strategies.

              The average salary of an SEM manager is $72,407 per year.

              PPC Specialist Salary And Responsibilities

              PPC Specialist: We already know that PPC is an abbreviation of Pay Per Click. They are responsible for managing paid ads and campaigns on search engines. They ensure that they are getting the maximum click on the paid ads.

              A PPC specialist gets an average salary of $56,907 per year in the US.

              Digital Marketing Specialist Salary Based on Industry

              Actually, the industry has little influence on salary, but we should be familiar with the subject. It improves the accuracy of salary estimation.

              According to the global industry classification standard, there are 11 major industries in the world (GICS). Each of the 11 industries has a unique socioeconomic impact. The more valuable and in-demand an industry is, the more amount it offers its employees.

              Finance is currently the most valuable industry in the world, with a high level of employee value. They pay their employees more than other industries.

              According to research, the highest-earning people in finance earn more than $2 million USD per year. As a result, depending on the industry you work in, your salary may be high or low.

              Hurrah! We can now estimate the exact salary based on all the factors.


              Digital marketing specialists are the most financially rewarding career options right now, and their demand is increasing as people’s online activity rises. 

              As a result, their pay is rising as well.

              We learned about the major factors that influence salary, and we can now easily calculate the exact salary. 

              If you’ve chosen this career path, congratulations! 

              You’ve made the best decision you’ve ever made, and I hope this guide helps you negotiate a higher salary.

              If you are a recruiter or business owner looking to hire a digital marketing specialist, you can confidently offer the appropriate salary to the candidate.

              I hope you found this article helpful; please share your thoughts in the comments section. Please share this article with your friends to help them understand how much a digital marketing specialist’s salary could be.

              Have fun with your digital career and stay safe. Have a wonderful life.


              A global digital marketing specialist’s annual salary is $88,397. This salary ranges from $57k to $139k per annum.

              In the United States, a digital marketing specialist can earn $29.49 per hour on average. (According to talent)

              To get a job in the digital marketing sector, you must have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, digital media, or a related field.

              A digital marketing specialist can earn between $25,000 and $150,00 per year. It is determined by a variety of factors such as location, education, experience, industry, job boards, and so on. The annual salary range in the United States is $47,575 to $77,994. (According to Talent)

              The average salary of a digital marketing specialist in Qatar is QAR 70,000 ($19,228) per year.

              Japan has the highest digital marketing salary in the world. According to Emeritus study, they pay an average of ¥96,05,284 ($67,997), while the United States pays $66,314 per year.

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